Thursday, February 19, 2009

GONE WITH...the poisons?

1940 Vivien Leigh (left)...Well, there was only one Scarlett O'Hara and one GONE WITH THE WIND. I personally think she looks positively lady-like and timeless....

  • 1941: Women are advised by Vogue to 'paint your lips as an artist would...Use two shades of lipstick. Put blue-red on the upper lip, orange-red on the lower...With your summer tan, in bright sun, (yikes) try bright orange on the upper lip, brownish orange on the lower.' (hmmm...really?) Helena Rubinstein now offered 115 shades of lipstick and the FDA outlaws the use of poisonous materials in cosmetics. Really? No poisonous freckle creams anymore? Gee, that's disappointing...

1944 Lana Turner (right) Glamourous and elegant...I think that sums it up!

  • 1946: Despite the war, sales of cosmetics increased 65% from 1940, lack of supplies to make 'nylons' prompts women to use 'leg makeup' and the beauty editor of The Queen suggests that the decline of marriage and increase of divorce could sensibly be prevented by 'teaching girls to make up properly-and to wash and brush their hair and to clean their nails and to cook.' YES! THAT should definitely solve the problem...but this is from the same rag that commented 'Max Factor's Pan -Cake six lovely shades, ranging in tone from a pale, flesh tint to a deep,warm tan, and all...(DRUMROLL...) keeping with the colouring of the Women's Service Uniforms.' And THAT, my friends, is VERY important!

So, ladies, if you're trying to get a man, keep a man, or divorce a man, PLEASE make sure that your fingernails are clean! And next time you serve your country, consider choosing a shade of foundation that compliments your uniform???

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