Saturday, January 17, 2009

Be a Classic Kate...

So not only is she ridiculously talented, beautiful and I'm sure a great mum...Kate Winslet stole the Golden Globes "makeup" show in my opinion with her classic Hollywood Starlet style. The red lip and pale eye is a classic look that anyone can wear with the right shade of red.

Traditionally, this look would be created with a deep blue-red but if your skin tone is warmer than Kate's, try a true red or orange-red. Afraid of red lipstick? Try a rich berry lipstick or a sheer red lipstick or red gloss. Berry tones are a bit softer and a sheerer formula keeps the red from being so severe, particularly for daytime wear. The key to this look is keeping the face clean and the emphasis of color on the lips so...experiment. Everyone can wear this look!

So here's what to do: (and the order in which to do it!)

  • Tinted Moisturizer: Apply over your entire face or just in areas that need a little coverage.
  • Concealer: Apply concealer to your eye lid, browbone and other blemishes or areas of redness (usually around the nose and chin) DO NOT use concealer under the eyes until I say so!
  • Eyeshadow: Apply a flesh tone MATTE eyeshadow to the entire eye area from lid to brow (Choose a shadow that closely matches your own skintone. If you're unsure, a matte pale peach works well on everyone. It's just important that it blends into your skin and doesn't stand out.) Sorry, ladies! No disco ball, space ship landing shimmers here! Matte, matte, matte...
  • Eyeliner: Use a black gel liner to line the upper lashes. Use a thin liner brush, keeping the product close to the lashes. Line across the top lashes ONLY, following the natural shape of the eye....please no "wings" here at the outer corner. If you're dying to be'll just have to wait.
  • Mascara: You already know the rules, black, black!
  • Brows: A strong brow frames your eye, especially when the eye is so soft. Fill in the brows lightly with a brow powder that matches your natural brow color. Fill in only areas that are sparse. Bert and Ernie were cute on Sesame Street but no one wants to leave the house looking like either one of them!
  • White Eyeshadow: Choose a white MATTE shadow and lightly dot it on the "triangle" of your tearducts. It brightens your eyes...please just trust me!
  • Concealer: OK...NOW you can use concealer under the eyes (and DON"T forget the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eyes...EVER!)
  • Blush: A neutral, barely there cream blush is the only choice here...don't argue! The cheek should just look barely flushed. Concentrate the color on the apples of the cheeks and blend, blend, blend back toward the hairline. And then...blend, blend, blend...again!
  • Lips: Fill in your entire lip with a coordinating lip liner (like you're coloring inside the lines of a coloring book...if you're not good at that, then I don't know what to tell you...just try...) and then put the MATTE lipstick on top...this eliminates the dreaded "ring around the mouth" and unfortunate bleeding we talked about earlier. Oh! And it helps keep your lipstick on all night!

So it's timeless, classic, glamorous, vintage-inspired and makes you look like a Hollywood what's not to like? Get painting!

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