Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smokey the Red Lip

A little bit retro..a little bit now...the Smokey Eye meets the Red Lip.....Bold? Definitely! But if you've ever sung like a 'Little Sparrow' or made out on screen with Olivier Martinez, I think you're qualified to walk this look down the red carpet!

So you're headed to the library, the soccer field or the PTA does this look fit in to your life? Well, for starters, you should try squeezing in a few more glamourous events...but outside of that, here are a few tips for making sure you don't look like you've been spending too much time in the crayon box...

  • Create the Smokey Eye with neutrals only...charcoal or brown and know how to choose!
  • Make sure the liner follows the natural shape of your eye...a little up turn of the liner brush at the outer corners is perfectly acceptable for special events (ie. Miss Marion C.)but if you don't have anywhere special to go, then keep it simple, please!
  • Go heavier on one feature instead of bold on both. Have great lips? Then keep the eyes softly smokey. Want to play up your eyes instead? Then replace fully lined, matte lips, with a soft gloss or lip tint in sheer tones of burgundy, coral, or red.
  • BEWARE of lip colors that are too dark or deep...Marion's burgundy lips look stunning but she's young and...well....French! The more birthdays you've had, the brighter or softer your lipstick should be...sorry, ladies! It's the truth...
  • Brows are defined but be sparing. No Bert and Ernie's...
  • Cheeks should be soft but have enough color to balance out your features.

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