Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So you wanna look like a Celebrity?

Or at least the hottest chick in town? Then, here's what you'll need in your makeup bag to get started...

  • So, without being diplomatic in any way, if you're over a "certain" age and can visibly detect any lines, pores, blemishes, dry patches or anything else unsightly your mother may comment on at holidays gatherings, need "Primer"! It's just "spackling"...yes, like the kind you put on a wall... but it smooths out any "imperfections" (like it does on a wall) and will keep your makeup in place all day. Who wouldn't like that?


  • Well, this should be obvious...and since we've already covered the guidelines on this in a previous post, then I'm feeling confident that everyone now knows that (A.) they should have one and (B.) that it should be the same color as your face. There are a few more tricks to application that I'll share later but....I'll share that later.
Tinted Moisturizer
  • So, I really love this stuff and I think everyone should be wearing it. I use it on every shoot and on every other face I touch. If you need more coverage, then put concealer on the bad bits and leave the rest of your skin to look like....SKIN!

Black Mascara
  • This is clearly not news, but (A.) I do think everyone should be wearing Black and only Black mascara so I'm pointing it out and (B.) for the handful of you out there wearing ANY OTHER COLOR (including Brown)...I know you can fix this with ease and without much $$$ before the next post.
Eyeliner or Eyeshadow in Eggplant
  • Why "Eggplant"?...well, mostly because "Purple" is a SCARY makeup word. It conjures up fond, or not so fond, depending on who you are, memories of the 80's, when "Purple" and "Pink" eyeshadow were a couple. With that unfortunate trend WAYYY behind us, a deep plum or eggplant eyeshadow is universally flattering and works on everyone,, in short, if your makeup bag is devoid of any "Eggplant", then I give you permission to run out and get one. Please just promise to use it along your lashline and lid ONLY! No "Eggplant", or any other color for that matter, above the crease....EVER!

White Eyeshadow
  • OK...this may be surprising to some but only because I'm going to ask you to use it in a very unexpected place. White eyeshadow can actually brighten your eyes but only when placed...well, in the right place. White eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eye (place it right on the "triangle" of your tearduct), will make you you slept...and in cases of superior a CELEBRITY!

Cream Blush
  • And why not powder blush?? Well, because I said so....(and it looks more natural)

For now...dd xoxo

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