Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Makeup Mishaps

SO...we've established that not all of us were blessed with the talent to transform our weary, wary selves into works of art, ready at the drop of a hat to strut our stuff down a red carpet (or even across our own berber carpet). I see it everyday... eyeyshadow so glittery you could land space ships with just a wink, lipstick so ghastly you could scare a dead relative and concealer so light that only a mother raccoon would pick you up.

Makeup mishaps are everywhere....but that doesn't mean you need to participate anymore! Here is my list of capital offenses.....and offenders, you know who you are!

STRIPES! You've seen them....under the eyes, across the cheeks and around the lips. I don't know what to say except...Stripes are great on shirts (sometimes), cars (if you can race them) and wallpaper (if it's expensive!) but NOT on your face!

  • This is my all time favorite....the stripe under the eye. Usually this look is just that...a stripe under the eye. NO eyeshadow, NO liner across the top, JUST on the bottom and for SOME reason, the blacker and more crooked the better??!! REALLY!?? Unless you think your under eye circles are your best feature then...don't do that anymore!
  • And then there's the blush...the bronze stripe, racing in record time from the hollow of the cheek to the hairline. Really, when was the last time your hairline blushed on it's own??
  • And the lip liner (sigh)...WHY, OH WHY! must we purchase and WEAR lip liner that is darker than our lipstick...it confuses and confounds...


d.d. xoxo

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