Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bringing the Glamour Back

I'm a makeup artist and this is my blog. There are other beauty blogs out there but this one isn't about's about you! I've been backstage, on set, on location and everywhere else a makeup artist goes. Celebrities and TV personalities. Runways, Red Carpets and a Broadway Stage....but at the end of the day, I'm you! I like comfortable shoes unless someone is driving me where I need to go. I putter around the house in my work out pants for days on end (and sometimes never make it to the gym) because they have a stretchy waistband...occasionally, against my better judgment, I may even go to the grocery store in them. I spend days on end making everyone else beautiful and go home feeling, well, like a road hag...translated for all of you southerners, that would be "rode hard and put up wet!"

However, when I've recovered from the grueling world of beauty and everyone's face is powdered and polished, I take some time for myself and I have to say, "I scrub up pretty well!". My intent in this blog is to translate all of the looks you see in magazines and TV and interpret them into looks you can re-create at home. Celebrity looks. Real Women. Real Beauty. All in Real Time.

Fan of Paris?? Think Nicole is the end all? Lindsey? Britney? Mischa? Probably not the blog for you...

I'm sure they're all lovely, but they don't know what it's like to pluck a grey stray hair out of their eyebrows, or to wear jeans in the summer because they have spider veins. This is about being the best you can be at the age you are now....with a little inspiration from the women we adore and admire.

Thirty? Fantastic. Forty? Me too! Fifty? I hear it's the best time of your life...I'm not sold. Sixty? You rock! Seventy?? Bring it baby! This is the blog for you! Tips and tricks from a pro for every woman of every age...THE BEAUTY BOUDOIR...Bringing the Glamour Back! d.d. xoxo

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